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We believe everyone has the power to make our planet a better place simply by transforming the way they eat.

Plant-based foods are vital to the sustainability of our food system. To positively impact our planet, and health of future generations, we need to increase awareness and celebrate the benefits of a plant-based diet.

This collection of stories shows how everyday people are uniquely contributing to the plant-based movement.These stories reveal that, whether one is a self-proclaimed meat-eater, flexitarian, vegetarian, vegan or something in between, anyone can be a part of the plant-based movement and can contribute to a better future for all.

This mini-documentary series was filmed before and during the coronavirus pandemic, which has changed the world as we know it. With many of the featured characters being small business owners, it has become even more important to provide them with a platform to be discovered, heard and understood. Watch their stories below, and click ‘Learn More’ to get in touch and support these plant-based changemakers.

“My motivation really became to show people that a plant-based diet will actually give them an edge.”
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“It’s my duty to shed light on the meaning of having healthier choices in everything we eat.”
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“It’s about breaking down the stigma associated with players or athletes who follow a plant-based diet.”
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“The plant-based lifestyle has definitely added a lot of colour into my fridge and into my life.”
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Aubry & Kale
“A lot of fake barriers have been put up [around plant-based] diets; we’re just trying to bridge that gap.”
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A diet that is mostly made up of plants is better for you and for the planet.

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